People are our greatest asset
- Dave Ulrich

At HR Recruitment Solutions we know that finding the best suited HR professional for your team can be time-consuming and challenging. The cost of the wrong hire can be far greater than the initial cost of recruiting - it pays to get it right the first time.

We aren’t a CV-sifting agency; we’re your HR recruitment partner, which is why we pride ourselves on our expertise in headhunting and talent attraction.

We help advise our clients proactively on the market and ease the recruitment process for good.

Finding new members for your team should be exciting and here is a typical journey on how we ensure a better HR recruitment experience when you’re hiring.

Our Client Process

1. Consultation Period

We get to work right away to understand your organisational culture, the team setup, the role/s, and the skills, experience and personality you want to bring into your organisation. We then offer specialist advice in line with the HR labour market and your specific needs.
2. Finding the Best Talent for your Vacancy

We will commence our advertising campaign and headhunting activity to find the right people for your roles. We look at passive candidates and active ones to find you the very best new HR hire.
3. The Assessment

We assess all candidates against our assessment framework. Their capability, their motivation/aspirations and if they will adapt and add to your organisation’s culture.
4. The Shortlist and your Selection Process

From here, we will compile a shortlist of candidates and organise interviews to match your agreed timescale. We ensure all candidates are fully prepared and have a thorough understanding of the role and expectations to avoid wasting time. We are committed to providing a better HR experience for all, meaning you can be assured that all candidates are properly looked after throughout the entire process.
5. Offer Management & Onboarding

Often overlooked in the HR recruitment process, we aim to deliver the smoothest offer management, including “pre-close” arrangements, meaning that when you offer, you will most likely receive an acceptance. All negotiating will already be sorted, relieving further stress from going back and forth with the candidate. SUCCESS! But we don’t leave you there. We will assist with the onboarding process, including retrieving references and remaining in regular touch with both client and candidate to deliver a positive HR recruitment experience. And if, in the unlikely event, the candidate doesn’t work out, we will replace them free of charge.

In essence, you will get a strategic advisor, confidant working in a highly ethical way and looking after your candidates. Giving you the peace of mind to worry about all the other stuff you have to be getting on with!

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"He listens carefully to the client’s brief and makes helpful suggestions. The candidates all received excellent information about our vacancy and our company and were excited about the opportunity"

Global Head of C&B, Construction
"Leon helped my company to overcome difficult placement situations and has showed to be an excellent partner for strategic hiring decisions"

Head of HR, IT

"Helped us close a particularly difficult position very quickly, that too after this position was advertised on LinkedIn for quite some time"

CHRO, Travel